How to stop glasses from fogging up: a guide for the post-COVID classroom

foggy glasses

Have fogged up glasses got you down? Stop the Steamy Specs This third part of our COVID-vision problems series deals with a question as old as time itself, that has reared its ugly head once again with the recent increased prevalence of face-masks: just how do I stop my glasses from fogging up? Although fog […]

Quarantine Myopia: the unseen pandemic that is closer than you think

further causes of quarantine myopia: a child on their computer; doing schoolwork and reading with a magnifying glass

Quarantine Myopia – how lockdowns lead to increased levels of short-sight amongst children If you’re already asking your screen with exasperation, “What even is quarantine myopia?”, don’t worry. We’ll get to that. This is the second part of our ‘COVID and Vision Problems’ series. In part 1, ‘Lockdown vision problems plague how many? Help! More […]

Lockdown vision problems plague how many? Help! More students than ever now affected

lockdown vision problems boy with magnifying glass reads book

Lockdown vision problems: The link between lockdowns & lower vision outcomes Lockdown vision problems may seem like only a minor facet of the many wide-reaching implications the sustained closing of the country has had. However, there is growing evidence to suggest that quarantine-related vision disorders are on the rise. Schools in the UK opened again […]