We take security of personal data very seriously. Our security measures for SchoolscreenerEZ are the same as required by the NHS. Our policy framework (Toolkit) is available to view at www.igt.hscic.gov.uk our ID is 8HW22

Personal data is encrypted and protected within each school. No data is stored outside the UK.

The solution is suitable for use from age 7 upwards in both primary and secondary schools. SchoolScreener EZ is a variant of Thomson Screening’s SchoolScreener software widely used to manage Public Health commissioned locality wide vision screening programmes at Reception Age according to NHS Screening Committee recommendations.
The system is designed to take a snapshot of screening results within one school, so there is no option for moving children from one school to another. In any case we recommend that children should be re-tested when they join a new school.
Screening children who are already under the care of an optician may not be necessary as most opticians operate a re-call system for regularly checking sight of their patient. However, if you have concerns and would like to check the vision of a child who normally wears glasses ,it is important that children wear the same glasses as they do every day. In this case the test will indicate whether they have any vision problems with the glasses on. When you are conducting the screening, just ask the children to cover the appropriate eye, as the occluding glasses are not suitable for this.
The most important factor in the success of the test is engaging the child, so the answer is when the child is most settled, most likely to enjoy the test.

Changes in vision are linked to growth in children, so test results are not valid after 6 months. In any case, screening can be repeated at any time.

There is an option to indicate that you would like to “force refer” the child. In this case the letter will say that a test was carried out, but it was inconclusive and recommends that the parent take the child to an optician for a more thorough investigation. You can add comments to the letter to indicate what your particular concern is.
This is to ensure that the calculations are accurate. Changes in display setting will affect the result, so we need to calibrate the screen in every session.
Results are saved when the test is completed, so if your connection was interrupted, you need to repeat the test. This also ensures that our calculations had all the necessary information from the beginning. If this is a recurring problem, you need to find a location where the connection can be uninterrupted for up to 5 minutes.
For consistency and in-line with the EULA it is important that only the text provided is used. You can add text in some areas, but you cannot take out the standard text created by the system.
You can retest the child straight away. The result of the previous screen can also be deleted.
You can retest the child straight away. The result of the previous screen can also be deleted.
Most areas in the UK the NHS provides one vision screen at Reception. (Funded by Public Health England) Many areas use a version of this software adopted by the NHS, many use other methods of screening. The outcome is the same: identifying if further investigation is necessary.

The NHS only provides one screen during your child’s school years, however through the Screening For Schools programme, kindly supported by Specsavers, schools can repeat the screen as many times as necessary as children move through their school careers in both primary and secondary schooling.

It is possible to sign up but not for the Screening for Schools programme. Please email us info@thomsonscreening.com to discuss your needs.
It is possible to sign up but not for the Screening for Schools programme. Please email  us info@thomsonscreening.com to discuss your needs.
It is possible to get a replacement kit. Please email  us info@thomsonscreening.com to discuss your needs.

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