Glossary of Terms/Index

labelled diagram of human eye

Up to your eyeballs with jargon? ​ Can’t see for all the specialist terminology?  Looking for something in particular?  Come and take a peek at our glossary of terms. Here you can find definitions for common ophthalmologic terms  Table of Contents PARTS OF THE EYE Cornea Acting as the outermost lens, it provides 65-75% of […]

Quarantine Myopia: the unseen pandemic that is closer than you think

further causes of quarantine myopia: a child on their computer; doing schoolwork and reading with a magnifying glass

Quarantine Myopia – how lockdowns lead to increased levels of short-sight amongst children If you’re already asking your screen with exasperation, “What even is quarantine myopia?”, don’t worry. We’ll get to that. This is the second part of our ‘COVID and Vision Problems’ series. In part 1, ‘Lockdown vision problems plague how many? Help! More […]