Glossary of Terms/Index

labelled diagram of human eye

Up to your eyeballs with jargon? ​ Can’t see for all the specialist terminology?  Looking for something in particular?  Come and take a peek at our glossary of terms. Here you can find definitions for common ophthalmologic terms  Table of Contents PARTS OF THE EYE Cornea Acting as the outermost lens, it provides 65-75% of […]

How to stop glasses from fogging up: a guide for the post-COVID classroom

foggy glasses

Have fogged up glasses got you down? Stop the Steamy Specs This third part of our COVID-vision problems series deals with a question as old as time itself, that has reared its ugly head once again with the recent increased prevalence of face-masks: just how do I stop my glasses from fogging up? Although fog […]

The signs of vision problems in the classroom: how do you spot them?

“It can be hard, even for a trained professional, to spot the signs of vision problems in the classroom.” It can be hard, even for a trained professional, to spot the signs of vision problems in the classroom. So what chance do you have, if you don’t even know what you’re looking for? Students with […]

Undiagnosed vision problems affect up to 15% of school children

Do your students suffer from undiagnosed vision problems? When an estimated 80% of children’s learning is visual, the presence of undiagnosed vision problems in the classroom can be a major barrier to children’s progress and effect emotional well-being and social development. From reading the whiteboard to text-books and computers, it is a huge part of […]

How Screening for Schools Works in 4 Steps.

The Screening for Schools vision software has been created to rapidly identify children who may have poor vision. It’s been designed specifically to enable teachers, teaching assistants and others within schools to use. The test takes just 3 minutes to complete. The software then generates a personalised report for parents or carers. The report explains the results and recommends […]