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Screening for Schools Removes Barriers to Learning

One such barrier to learning is undiagnosed vision deficiencyResearch suggests 80% of learning is visual and that approximately 15% of school children have a vision problem.

Not being able to see properly can impact on attention, reading, participation in class activities, social interaction and behaviour.

While teachers are aware of the importance of good eyesight to learning and emotional well being, they do not have the tools to do anything about it.

And even when children have had their eyesight screened at Reception age, children’s eyesight can change as they grow.

That’s where Screening for Schools comes in

Screening for Schools is Innovative

Screening for Schools Child

Screening for Schools is an on-line vision screening system, designed for use without clinical knowledge or direction. It enables schools to identify children who may have poor vision, easily and quickly. This includes problems with colour vision.

The test takes less than 3 minutes to complete. The software then generates a personalised report that explains the results and recommends a course of action.

Suitable for ages 7 upwards, in primary and secondary schools, Screening for Schools helps thousands of British schools. Use it when needed, the more it’s used, the more barriers to learning come down.

Reasons to Use Screening for Schools


Developed at the Department of Optometry, City, University of London and Thomson Screening. Used by over 3,000 primary and secondary schools
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For the remainder of 2022, enjoy tremendous benefits in terms of achievable improvements to behaviour and learning, AT NO COST.
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Screening for Schools will help identify vision problems. We will refund the cost 100% if you use it and fail to identify any vision problems after 40 tests*.

Screening for Schools

Helps support the care of children and the performance of schools

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Free for UK Schools in 2022

Screening for Schools is online software that’s available to use now. Join over 3,000 schools that have already signed up.

Given the tumultuous events that have impacted schools recently, Thomson Screening have decided to provide Screening for Schools FREE OF CHARGE throughout 2022.

The normal cost of Screening for Schools is £200 +VAT per year, per school (individual URN). That’s for unlimited use of the software and a Vision Kit.

It’s easy to set up, in 4 steps and simple to use. You will be empowered to help children where unidentified poor vision that may be affecting their learning or wellbeing.

To answer any questions, please refer to the FAQs section of this site or contact us if you have other questions.